Criteria Faq

Revised August 1st, 2018


Congratulations! You are part of the Half Fanatic Insane Asylum! The following rules/criteria will guide you through the sea of confusion when entering your race stats, levels, and what does or does not count as an "official" race for THIS club.


What counts as a Race:

  1. Fixed Distance Races that are between 13.1 miles and 26.1 miles.
  2. Fixed Duration Races of 5 hrs or less.
  3. Races must be open to the public. Club-only or private group races DO NOT count.
  4. Races must be advertised via web site at least one month prior to the event.
  5. You must complete the distance for which you registered.


Fixed Distance Races MUST have ALL the following characteristics:

  1. Minimum of 20 starters and 15 finishers (AKA 20/15). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. An official Race Director (AKA the RD).
  3. Official results posted on the race website or timing company website (Athlinks, Racewire, etc).
  4. A common start time with 20 starters. If there is an Early Start, the Early starters and Common starters MAY BE COMBINED. *It is your responsibility to know how many starters are in the race.


Fixed Duration Events:

  1. Minimum of 20 starters and 15 finishers (AKA 20/15). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Maximum allowed time is 5 hours. You CAN NOT enter a 6/12/24 hr race and count it towards your stats.
  3. You must complete 13.1 miles, but no more than 26.1 miles.
  4. There must be a system in place (chip, rubber bands, spotters) to count laps. If no system exists, it DOES NOT count.
  5. Any lap/mileage discrepancy must be resolved by the RD at the race. If your Garmin says you ran 14 miles, but the timer says you ran 13 miles, run the extra lap to be safe.
  6. You may start the race late if the RD allows it. Early starts DO NOT COUNT. The concept of a Fixed Duration Event is that there is ample time to complete 13.1 miles. *This is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE from a Fixed Distance Race


What Does Not Count: This section hopefully answers many questions.

  1. If you have been disqualified for any reason, it DOES NOT COUNT.
  2. If you finish after the official cut off time and are not in the official results, it DOES NOT COUNT.
  3. If you were swept or removed from the course for any reason, it DOES NOT COUNT.
  4. If you are signed up for a 25K, 30K, 20 miler, etc and stop at the 13.1 mark, it DOES NOT COUNT.
  5. Banditing a race DOES NOT COUNT.
  6. Pacing a friend, if you are not a registered runner, DOES NOT COUNT.
  7. If 20 runners start, but only 14 finish, it DOES NOT COUNT.
  8. A Relay DOES NOT COUNT.
  9. A Virtual Race DOES NOT COUNT.


What Does Count: This section addresses some of the finer points.

  1. If the RD allows you to "drop down" during the race (you were in the marathon, but "dropped" to the half), and you are in the official results, it DOES COUNT.
  2. If you are an official Pacer (you lead a Pace Group, have a bib, are in the results) it DOES COUNT.
  3. If you complete a 70.3 Triathlon (solo), it DOES COUNT.


If you have further questions about the club rules, or are curious if a race will count, you can email the staff at