Fanatic Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

In order to be inducted into the Fanatics Hall of Fame, you need to be nominated by someone in the club other than yourself. Once nomination is received and criteria verified, member will be inducted on this page.




To Be Eligible To Be Inducted Into The Half Fanatics Hall Of Fame

  1. You Must Be A Member In Good Standing For A Minimum Of 3 Years.
  2. You Need To Complete One Of The Following Criteria
    1. 51 Half Marathons Per Year (within 365 days) For 3 Consecutive Years.
    2. 5 Time 50 States Finisher.
    3. 333 - Lifetime Half Marathons


2018 Inducted

Jeff Davenport HF#623    Races
Dee Dee Urquhart HF#1398   Races