Database Faq

On all of the members-only pages you’ll see a menu section on the left side of the page with links to all the other members only pages as well as to the Bulletin Board and the Half Fanatics Home Page.

The My Preferences link in the menu allows you to control how your stats will be updated. Note that your stats will not be updated manually by the Maniac team. We have gotten too big to use that method. You have two choices regarding how to update your stats. If you choose the Calculate options, your stats are automatically updated as you add races to your My Marathons list. Note that if you have not listed all your marathons, your automatic updating will not be correct. The alternative is to manually update your stats on your My Statistics page. If you don’t choose auto calculation for your Stars, you’ll still need to email Marc when your Stars need to be updated. For more information about changing your preferences, click on the Help link in the menu section.

How to access "My Preferences" video

How to manually update your statistics video 

The My Personal Info link allows you to modify your address, the name that is displayed in the InSane AsyLum and other information.

The My Races link allows you to add a race to your My Half Marathons list. Adding your half marathons is easy – at a minimum all you have to enter is the race name and date, and select the distance if longer than a marathon.

How to add a race

If you would like other Fanatics to be able to send you email directly from the Fanatics site, then go to your My Preferences page and enter your email address for "Fanatics Contact Email". Once you've done that, then when other Fanatics view your My Marathons page, and they are logged in, they will see a link at the top of the page to Email Fanatic and your Fanatics number.

Any logged in will be able to send email to you or any other Fanatics who has entered a Fanatics Contact Email address on their My Preferences page.

We will continue to tweak the system over time. This is your system so please let us know any feedback you have. You can email any of us (Steve, Chris, Tony, Brian, or Marc – the email address is – e.g., with suggestions and/or feedback, or you can post your suggestion to the Suggestions forum on the Bulletin Board. While we might not be able to make all suggested changes we will certainly take them into consideration.

Thanks for your patience.

The Maniac Fanatics